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All the bio ethanol fireplaces and accessories seen on this website can be shipped to North America.
In addition to ventless bio ethanol fires, other unique indoor and outdoor gas, gel, vented, and ventfree fireplaces products specifically designed for the North American market can be seen.
You've  probably already heard of gel fires which burn a semi viscous liquid called gel fuel. If so, you probably also heard that they smell and that a sticky residue is left behind in the gel pots when they burn out. Because of these reasons a new series of ventless fires have been created which burn using a clean buring liquid known as bio ethanol.
Burning bio ethanol creates a series of problems. It is very different to gel fuel and has a viscosity like water. Most ventless ethanol burners are based on a system known as an open trough. Basically it is a box into which the ethanol is poured. When the box is full the flames are at the top of the chamber and as it empties the flame receeds into the chamber.
We don't like this system for a number of reasons:
1) The liquid is difficult to light.
2) If the box is knocked or tipped over the liquid can come out of the chamber.
3) Draughts and make the flame very unstable.
4) A hot nearly empty chamber when relit when can cause the remaining liquid in the chamber to spit out.
On our manual ventless burners the system we use employs a ceramic core which absorbs the bio ethanol and feeds it to the surface of the burner thorugh capilliary action. This core eliminates the problems listed above and creates a safer burning experience.
If you are looking for a ventless or ventfree fireplace make sure you ask about the burner. Read more about our burners and then make the decision for yourself.
In the coming months we will introduce a new remote controlled ventfree burner with even more safety features incorporated. 
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