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Here at Prestigious Fires your safety is our prime concern. We have been designing and selling bio ethanol and gas fires since 2007 and feel we are well positioned to select the right products for our clients.  Whether its an outdoor gas fire or indoor bio ethanol fire you're searching for, you can be confident in the products we have on offer. For further information on each category please read the relevant section below.  

Outdoor Gas Fires

All our outdoor gas fires are made to the highest standards from the highest quality components. The result is a high spec quality product, which is CE approved for use outdoors unlike most of the outdoor gas fires shipped in from the USA.

Bio Ethanol Fires 

There are currently no safety standards for bioethanol fires to comply with in the UK. There are however 2 standards within Europe which have been developed over the last couple of years. The first is the German Din standard 4734-1 and the second is the French Norm. There is no CE mark currently available for bioethanol fires.

Both standards were developed in response to the increasing use of bioethanol fires. Within the standards each fire is subject to various tests covering emissions from the fire, the fuel capacity, fuel consumption, external temperatures and other tests.

The majority of fires and burners we sell use a patented ceramic block at the heart of each burner. This block absorbs the bioethanol and acts as a wick feeding bioethanol continuously to the burning surface during use.  The ceramic burner system has been tested by the TUV and certified as safe for use according to the instructions issued with the burner.

The advantages of this system over other bio ethanol burners are as follows:

1) Controlled release of the bio ethanol fluid which extends the burn time of 1 litre of bio ethanol and therefore reduces the running costs.

2) The porous block absorbs the fluid so that in the event a burner is knocked over, the bio ethanol is contained within the block and doesn't spill on to the surrounding area.

3) The flame height is controlled by the consistent release rate of the porous block.

The flame is controlled and extinguished by a sliding plate.

Across our range our products have been tested to ensure your safety.