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FAQ - Bioethanol Fires

Frequently Asked Questions  - Bioethanol Fires
Ethanol Production
If you have any questions about bioethanol which are not on this page, we actively encourage you to call and ask any questions you have - 01709 524 162.
Why by from us? 
Rather than selling any and every ethanol burner available, we only feature quality, safe and tested products on our site. Using our experience in the industry, we will only sell products that: 
  • We have personally tested
  • Have been tested by a respected safety authority (e.g. TUV)
 What is a bioethanol fire?  
A bioethanol fire is a flueless fire that requires no gas connection or permanent ventilation. None of our bioethanol fires require a chimney. Bioethanol fires burn using bioethanol; an environmentally friendly, non-polluting, odourless, carbon neutral fluid; made from sustainable sources across Europe. They can be quickly installed in any room in a matter of minutes, using basic DIY skills.

All of our bio fires are eco friendly. This is largely due to the fuel that is used. Bioethanol is a very clean burning fuel and produces no soot whatsoever. Bioethanol fires produce no smoke whilst the fire is running. This allows you to sit around the fire without the usual inconvenience of smoke and clothes smelling of smoke.  100% of heat energy produced by a bioethanol fire remains in the room.
What is bioethanol?  
Bio ethanol is an alcohol which is produced from the fermentation of sugars, originating from agricultural crops, such as sugarcane, potatoes and more recently wheat.  When you burn bio ethanol the only substances given off are water, steam and Carbon Dioxide. All emissions are within a safe standard for flueless fireplaces. The chemincal output is: C2H6O + 3O2 → 2CO2 + 3H2O + heat. 
What size container should i buy?  
Our bio-ethanol is supplied in both 1lt bottles and 5lt containers. Each of the 1lt bottles has a small nozzel in the end requiring you to squeeze the bottle in order to get liquid from the bottle. It allows for control over the filling of the fire ensuring control and limiting the possibility to spill the ethanol. More care should be excercised when using 5lt containers. Ideally you should use a pump to decant the fluid from the 5lt containers. Should you spill fuel from either container, always ensure that is is removed before lighting the fire and never  refill a bioethanol container when the fire is hot. Always allow the fire to cool down before refilling.
How Do Bioethanol Fires Work?
The fire itself runs on an alcohol based fuel (bioethanol). This allows a real flame to grace your home; something that we have found is undervalued. Being aware that not every home has a chimney, we ensured that these fires were completely flueless, with no need for a gas connection or chimney (or even an airbrick)  
Prestigious Fires offers fireplace suites and also a drop in shelf burner, which you could incorporate into your own existing surround.    Bioethanol fires are perfect for when you have no chimney or no gas connection/LPG. If you want your fire in a room with no chimney and you don't want a balanced flue or external air vent, bioethanol fires are the solution.
What heat output can you expect from bioethanol fires?
Bioethanol fires give out enough heat to compete with electric fires. The burners featured on our site will give you roughly 1.8kw - 2.5kw of heat per hour. As there is no chimney for the heat to escape through, all heat comes into the room; making bioethanol fires 100% heat efficient.
Aren’t all bioethanol fires the same?  
In short, no. The majority of the burners available (e.g. eBay) are of low quality and generally not as safe, some are simple not safe ! The major attraction of these burners is the low price tag. We have examined a number of bioethanol burners but have only chosen what we believe to the best quality burners/fires available in the price range they represent. Our range of bioethanol fires use ceramic burner systems. Ceramic burners employ a porous ceramic material at the heart of every burner. The ceramic acts to absorb the ethanol liquid and also acts as a flame retarder. These burners are ideal for use in free standing appliances, where the porous block prevents the ethanol from spilling when the fires are knocked. 
Our collection of fires represents outstanding value for money featuring quality and safety assurance at a very attractive price.