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To find out more about bioethanol fires, please see FAQ - Bioethanol Fires If you want to know more about any of our products, we encourage you to call us and ask any questions you have.


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A bioethanol fire is a flueless fire that requires no gas connection or permanent ventilation. None of our bioethanol fires require a chimney. They burn using bioethanol; an environmentally friendly, non-polluting, odourless, carbon neutral fluid; made from sustainable sources across Europe. They can be quickly installed in any room in a matter of minutes, using basic DIY skills.

All of our bioethanol fires are eco friendly. This is largely due to the fuel that is used. Bioethanol is a very clean burning fuel and produces no soot whatsoever. Bioethanol fires produce no smoke whilst the fire is running. This allows you to sit around the fire without the usual inconvenience of smoke and clothes smelling of smoke.100% of heat energy produced by a bioethanol fire remains in the room.