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A timeless option that will help maintain a stunning garden year upon year, is an outdoor garden fire. Here at Prestigious Fires we can offer a few unique garden fire ideas.

Gas Fire Pits

Our CE approved gas fire pit is unique to the Uk and can be used to create a stunning gas fire pit running on either natural gas or LPG. The beauty of gas fire pits is that the flames and heat are instantaneous. In addition  gas fire pits are clean and smoke free. At the end of an evening stood aroung a gas fire pit you wont smell and you wont have to clean up any mess. When considering an outdoor gas fire , you can choose lpg or natural gas. Long term, natural gas outdoor gas fires will be cheaper to run but will cost more to install than an lpg outdoor gas fire. Our gas fire pit is made from 100% stainless steel and is weather resistant, although we do recommend that you cover the gas fire pit from the lements to prolong its life.     

When you choose to purchase a gas fire pit, you need to think about its location and of course how it looks. A basic gas fire pit will involve placing rocks around the gas burner and running a fleexible hose to an lpg bottle. More complicated installations can involve building a gas fire pit table around the burner and running a protected gas underground to the gas fire pit. This will need to be performed by a trained gas installer.  

Though a defining characteristic of gas fire pits is that they are designed to contain the components of the fire at all times, it is always most prudent to take safety measures in the event that very hot materials do escape from its confines.
Also, whenever using a fire pit, one should make sure to rake the surrounding area to remove dead leaves or other debris that could potentially catch on fire should strong winds blow material into the naked flames.
Good garden maintenance and monitoring the area surrounding the gas fire pit  removing any low lying branches from above it or debris around it is prudent. Fire pits have the potential to be dangerous, however the steps needed to be taken to ensure their safety are minimal though important. 
Bio Ethanol Fire Pits 
Bioethanol outdoor fireplaces are a rapidly rising technology and have been popular in Europe and the US for 5 or 6 years. Outdoor fireplaces run on environmentally friendly bioethanol fuel. The bio ethanol fuel is carbon neutral and so is perfect if you are particularly environmentally conscious.
A fire outdoor allows you to enjoy the mystique of a fire whilst the smell and excess heat dissipates into the air.
Other outdoor fires we don't specilaise in include:
The most common outdoor fire at the moment is the chimenea. You probably know someone who has one, or have one yourself. Chimeneas are made from solid cast iron or clay effectively making it a mini-furnace. 
A chiminea will start very quickly and will retain and radiate heat for a long time after the fire has died (especially cast iron chimeneas). Chimeneas run mostly on wood, but you can use almost any solid fuel. Unfortunately as they run on solid fuel, they do tend to give of a strong smell while burning and of course need cleaning out when you have finished with them.
Patio Heaters
A second popular option is the patio heater. Patio heaters areappliances for generating radiant heat for outdoor use.  

A burner on top of a pole, burns LPG or propane, and directs the flames against a perforated metal screen. Heat is radiated from the surface of the screen in a circular pattern around the appliance. A reflector atop the burner reflects heat that would be otherwise lost upwards.

Patio heaters have become popular with bars and restaurants since they extend the day and the season for their customers to sit outdoors. This increase in the popularity of the patio heater has led to concerns over their environmental effects.