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Loyalty Scheme - Bio Ethanol Fuel

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Benefits of joining our loyalty scheme:

  • Next-Day Delivery
  • Up to 10% discounts on your fuel
  • Regular deliveries when YOU want them

This service is ideal if you don’t want to store large quantities of bioethanol, but want regular shipments of 12, 24 or 48 litres of fuel (12L, 24L and 48L only).

Having regular shipments means no large outgoings, more storage space and no need for a permanent fire cabinet on site.

In addition to organising this service for you, regular customers will receive a discount. This discount is calculated every 6 months and is redeemable against any products on our website including bio ethanol fuel.

The following discounts will be applied to your account based upon your annual spend.

Consumption Lt/Annum


50 - 124 Litres


125 - 249 Litres


250 -499 Litres


500 Litres +


You can open a Loyalty account below or call us on 01709 524 162 to discuss this service with us.
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Purchases are still made through the website and it will track all your purchases. Every 6 months we will calculate how much fuel you have bought and give you a voucher corresponding to the value of the discount. Vouchers can be redeemed on any product on our website, including fuel.
If you don't wish to open an account and just want to buy fuel:
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