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Kensington Electric Mystic Firebasket

Kensington Electric Mystic Firebasket


The Kensington electric mystic firebasket includes a remote control mystic Fire without heating and a polished steel Kensington basket.

:  at  £1,340.00  each

 (H) 350mm x (W) 620mm x (D) 355mm

 Mystic Range

Our range of electric fires give a realistic flame and smoke effect rarely seen in an electric fire. The fully 3-dimensional effect uses an ultra fine water mist that is illuminated to create the ‘flames’ and the ‘smoke’. This, combined with the glowing logs and shimmering ashbed, produces an effect that surpasses all expectations for realism in an electric fire.  

The front panel of the Kensington Mystic fire basket is removeable to allow access to the water storage tank, bulbs and operating switches.

The fire basket can be operated by a remote control handset allowing you to turn on and off the flame effect.   There is no built in heater in this model. The only heat generated is that by the bulbs.


The video below shows the amazingly realistic flame effect achieved with the Optimist electric fire. The Kensington Mystic fire basket is only available through Prestigious Fires.