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Small Electronic Bioethanol Burner

Small Electronic Bioethanol Burner


Beautiful crafted stainless steel automatic bio ethanol burner with removal fuel tank.

:  at  £1,099.99  each


Dimensions:                370mm (L) x  210mm (W) x 110mm (H)
Fuel Capacity:             1.8  litres
Burn Rate:                   0.56  Litres per hour
Heat output:                3.5 Kw/h
Run time                     3.2 hrs
Minimum room size    Volumetric <69m3  Square Meters <25m2
Flame Length             270mm

These burners offer distinct advantages over manual burners such as:

  1. Very quick flame development and yellowing of flames, as opposed to open trough burners where the flames remains blue for a long time
  2. A removable ethanol fuel tank, allowing for easier and secure refilling with no overflow risk near the fireplace.
  3. No need for a 240V supply, all the power is supplied via 4 x "AA" batteries.
  4. 2 Switches with two-tone coloured display LED's control all burner functions.
  5. Built in CO2 emission detector and shut off mechanism.
  6. Interlocking lid which cannot be opened until the burner temperature has dropped. This ensures that no ethanol comes into contact with a hot burner surface.
  7. 100% Certified with the French Norm NF D35-386, the toughest standard for bioethanol fires in the world.  

 For a full explanation of its safety features and benefits (click  here).

Our bio ethanol contemporary fires, burn bio ethanol producing no smell or smoke unlike a gel fire which burns gel fuel.  Gel fires do smell and leave behind a residue in the combustion chamber. The benefit of bio ethanol over gel fuel is that it allows you to sit around the fire without the usual inconvenience of smoke, a complaint of wood burning stoves.

The fire is lit with an extendable lighter and extinguished by pressing the off button on the burner.