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Cadiz - Freestanding Bioethanol Fires

Cadiz - Freestanding Bioethanol Fires


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The Bio Flame Cadiz is a very clean and contemporary fireplace. If you are able to fit a Cadiz, you are lucky enough to have a large room and need the larger feature fire.

It is shown here in fossil stone off-white with a plain black insert and logs.
Click here to see fossil stone finish options.
The fire uses a unique burner with a patented ceramic core.  
The ideal logset for the Cadiz is the 10 piece fixed logset
The dimensions of the Cadiz are:
945 (H) x 985 (W) x 375 (D)mm
The Bio Flame Cadiz holds a large bioethanol burner. The burner has a fuel cpacity of 2 litres and burns 1 litre every 3 hours. It has a heat output of 2.5KW per hour.

The porous ceramic soaks up the bio ethanol like a sponge and then releases it in a controlled manner when burning. The bio burner is constructed from steel and is insulated to prevent the area getting too hot. This fire will give out 2.5kw of heat. The burners in the Cadiz will hold a total of 2.5litres of fuel, which will burn for 4 hours in total.

This fire is TÜV approved and is, to our knowledge; the only bio ethanol fire in Europe with a TÜV  safety approval stamp.

The advantages of this system over open trough bio ethanol fires are:

1) Controlled release of the bio ethanol fluid, which extends the burn time of 1 litre of bio ethanol and therefore reduces the running costs.

2) The porous block absorbs the fluid so that in the event a burner is knocked over, the bio ethanol is contained within the block and doesn't spill on to the surrounding area.

3) The flame height is controlled by the consistent release rate of the porous block.
The Cadiz burns bioethanol fuel, which unlike gel fires does not need cleaning.

The benefit of bio ethanol over gel fuel, gas and wood burning stoves; is that it allows you to sit around the fire without the usual inconvenience of smoke or  strong odour.

The fire is lit with an extendable lighter and extinguished using the sliding mechanism so you don't have to stick your hands in the flames. This modern fire can be dressed with ceramic logs, pebbles or our unique Black Diamond material.
Please note: This fire is not a stocked item, it is made to order and as such isn't covered by the 7-day cooling off period.